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I have taken yoga for the past four years. In those years I have had the pleasure of knowing many, many yoga instructors all with distinctive styles and approaches. Never have I encountered an instructor with a gift as rare as Kara’s gift to you. My time participating in Kara’s yoga sessions has enhanced my life in such a positive way. Once I felt out of sorts, a slave to each day with little self satisfaction. Confused about WHO I was, not just a single mother, daughter, sister and friend but a woman. Since meeting Kara I have felt a part of something larger than just “a class”. I am part of a “family” of women. Women, united in their desires to better themselves by achieving harmony and balance. Kara verbally walks you through her class with a gentle soothing invitation to let go and let be. I leave each session with a renewed feeling of self, the perfect balance of the sum of all parts that make me whole….centered and in peace! Yoga by Kara is the total experience! Thank you Kara for showing me the way.

-Crickett R.

Kara took me from overweight to healthy and fit. I really feel like I have made a total lifestyle adjustment and that literally changed the way I think about food, exercise and finding happiness.

-Nancy P.

Kara is an amazing personal trainer! I was able to not only learn great exercising habits, but healthy eating habits as well. Kara helped me reach all of my goals and taught me so many wonderful things that I continue to use throughout my life.


Kara’s Yoga Class and her presence has changed my life. She is comforting, encouraging, soothing, and gentle. She is also very knowledgeable in her field and an asset to my health and well being. I love my twice weekly sessions and an occasional relaxing yoga class she also offers. I was going thru an unusually stressful time in my life when I joined her class and it turned out to be a blessing and was a sanctuary of peacefulness….and a place to bond with other women I have grown to care about.

-Debra L.


You came into my life at such a critical time. I was stressed, depressed and had health issues that caused even more anxiety. Your Yoga classes are such a refuge for me and have helped pull me back to the light!  I am forever grateful to you for creating such a wonderful environment of acceptance, love, support, inspiration and great energy, not to mention a great workout! You’ve showed me what a really great Yoga practice can be and now I am a Yogi for life!


Just a quick note to let you know I am enjoying your yoga classes. They are just what I was looking for. I can see an improvement in my cycling and even my husband says I am standing taller.

-Terry K.

Kara’s classes are good for your physical and emotional well-being. With the hectic lives we all live today it is a necessity to have a time and space where you restore yourself.

-Candy O.

Kara’s yoga classes are a wonderful blend of peace, calm, stretching and challenge. Her classes are a great way to begin having balance in your busy life. My body has never felt so good.

-Dr. Kay H.; DCH, Ph.D. (Doctor of Clinical Therapy)

I look forward to Kara’s yoga class every week. It is quality “me” time… Good for my body (I am getting stronger), attitude and spirit. It is a small class with friendly and motivated ladies. Meeting some new friends has been a bonus.

-Barbara J.

I have had many personal trainers and Kara is by FAR the best. Kara helped me meet my weight loss and toning goals and motivated me to seek a new healthy lifestyle for the long term.

-Joanna L.

I believe we are all here for a purpose and through each season of our lives God brings us together with many people who are to touch our lives. Kara, you’ve been a great blessing to me in many more ways than just my Yoga instructor. When I started my Yoga practice with you 9 years ago I had no idea that I would have gained so much from a Yoga class. My yoga practices with you have given me far more than just a workout. I have learned to connect with my body, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. My Yoga practice with you has allowed me to extend these benefits far more into my daily life. So, THANK YOU, for not only being a GREAT yoga instructor and friend but for teaching me how to listen to my body and mind and showing me how to really “breathe” and “let it go”.

-Grace G.