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Kara’s online classes evolved from her desire to maintain contact with her clients, even when they have to relocate. While many large yoga studios are doing live streaming of their classes, the instructor in those settings does not interact with the students. The one-way communication means they cannot help you improve your form or provide feedback on your alignment.

With Kara, you are not just limited to watching an instructor and hoping you are performing the moves correctly. Through the power of technology she will watch you throughout the session and provide personal insights that will help you improve your practice.

Online yoga classes are perfect for the many people who cannot travel in order to meet with Kara at her home studio in Colorado Springs. New moms now have a way to get the exercise and encouragement they need without having to leave the house – just book a class during naptime! Those who travel a lot can still attend classes regularly without giving up the personal touch. People familiar with Kara and her style don’t have to give up her classes when they move away. The list goes on!

With online yoga classes with Kara you are not giving up any of the great elements that you would find during an in-person session. You are maintaining the important inspirational message and real connection, despite distance or time constraints.

Signing up for online Yoga class with Kara is easy, and new students can take advantage of Kara’s 2 for 1 offer. Click here to sign up online

There are a few technical things you should know in order to have the best experience possible.


Getting Set-up

for Online Instruction page 21. Classes take place over group Skype so make sure you have the latest edition set up on your computer. Click here for information on the technical requirements of running Skype. You will need to be able to join a 5-person group call.

2. Email Kara your Skype username and add her as a contact to your Skype contacts. You will do a quick test with Kara before your first class to make sure all systems are go!

3. Kara will initiate the group call 5 minutes before the start time so any technical issues can be worked out before class begins.

4. Remember that group Skype only works on a desktop or laptop PC or Mac, not on a tablet or iPad.

5. Finally, run a quick internet connection speed test to make sure that your set up will work well with group Skype. You can do this at Pay special attention to your upload speed, which should register at a minimum of 2mbps.

For the Class

Find a quiet environment, one that is fairly private and free of interruptions like a room in your home where you can close the door. Have water handy.

You will want to make sure you have 2 Yoga mats, set up in a T shape about 6 to 7 feet away from your computer. This will allow Kara to see your form from both angles.

It is recommended that you have 2 Yoga blocks and 1 Yoga strap with you during the class. While it is not required to have this equipment, it is preferred.

If you have any questions about online Yoga classes, don’t hesitate to contact Kara directly.