Who Is That Staring Back At Me In The Mirror?

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You look in the mirror and you hardly recognize that person staring back at you. Does this feel all to familiar? There was a time in your teens and twenty’s that you nrserver2-users-fdonlan-my20pictures-thin-woman-looking-in-mirror-at-fat-woman-resized-600were more active, fixed your hair cute, wore makeup daily and mostly had a smile on your face.Then life happened. You got married, had kids, life got hectic and somewhere along the way your health, your body, and your self esteem took a dump and you feel and look darn tired. You are putting everyone else’s needs before yours to the point that you honestly don’t even know what your needs are anymore.

It’s time to re-evaluate and re-prioritize. I have been in the fitness industry for over 16 years, am a personal trainer and Yoga instructor and might as well have therapist in my title. I have coached many women over these last 16 years to better health and have learned a lot about women. This I can tell you for sure… Most of you are out working a job, serving in communities/churches and tending to your families. Your needs have been lost in the equation. When this happens there is no way to maintain balance, and your sanity is likely suffering as a result. I know we tend to think as women if we are doing something for ourselves that we are being selfish. The truth is quite the opposite! It is impossible to offer your best self to those around you without tending to your own personal needs and health first. In caring for yourself you can then present the world with a healthier, more refreshed, patient, kind and loving you. And isn’t that how we want to be – healthy, happy, content, with an energy to take on each new day?

The only way get your life back in balance is to decide that YOU MATTER! Let’s consider for a moment that you have 3 components to your life that are all very important and deserving of your attention. 1) you physical self  2) your emotional self 3) your spiritual self. When any one of these is not getting the attention it needs, not only your life suffers, but those around you pay the price as well.

This is what 52 can look like!

This is what 52 can look like!

To tackle everything at once would most likely be stressful and overwhelming, so you need to evaluate which 3 of these components is suffering the most. As you incorporate some changes into your life in one particular area and are feeling better you can then start to tackle the others. Let’s address each of these specific areas with some ideas on getting you to your healthier, happier self.


Our bodies simply do not operate well when we don’t take care of them properly. We need to eat healthy and exercise these bodies. Start with some of these implementations:
1. Cut down on the amount of sugar you eat.
2. Cut down on the amount of processed foods you eat (things with preservatives). The more we can eat clean the better our bodies will perform for us. What does eating clean mean? In a nutshell, it’s about eating more of the best and healthiest options in each of the food groups—and eating less of the not-so-healthy ones. That means embracing whole foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains, plus healthy proteins and fats.
3. Watch the amount of carbs you take in. Many of our diets are carb heavy. We forget or don’t realize that vegetables and fruits are carbs. This is where we should be getting the majority of our carbs with more minimal amounts from whole grains. Try to cut out or cut down on white flour and white rice.
Healthy Eating4. Eat out less and cook more.                                                                                                      5. Meal plan, the more meal planning you do the better chance you have at healthy eating. This will ensure when you buy groceries that you will have the things on hand to cook healthy meals.                                                                                                                    6. Take lunch to work instead of going out.
7. Prepare snacks in advance such as cutting up vegetables and fruits and store in air tight containers or baggies. Same applies to other snacks. Baggie up your proper portion.
8. Start to implement some form of exercise into your life. We can all walk. Do it on your lunch hour if necessary. Get the kids out after school to take a walk with you.      9. Start taking some sort of dance class such as Zumba, incorporate Yoga, or exercise to a multitude of exercise video’s on Youtube. Just find something that motivates you to move.
10. Get enough sleep. At least 7-8 hours. Yes, you really do need it.
11. Try a new hair style or color. If you are a daily pony tail, bun or clip girl drop the hair down for a day and curl it.
12. Go to Sephora or a major department store and get a free makeover in order to get some fresh ideas. What looks best at 20 something is outdated at 40 something plus.
13. Get a mani or pedi periodically.


1. Practice breathing techniques to calm your nerves, anxiousness or stress. Look up stress relieving breathing techniques on Youtube.
2. Take some quiet time for yourself to read or take a bath.
3. Listen to calming music.
massage 24. Plan lunch with a friend you can confide in to talk about things that may be challenging you or bothering you. Sometimes we just need to get things off our chest.
5. Sing in the car or in the shower.
6. Dance.                                                                                7. Plan to get a monthly or bi-monthly massage.
8. Practice Yoga. (I have had many-a-husband thank me for their wife taking Yoga from me because she comes home much “calmer” and “nicer”.)


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1. If you are affiliated with a religion and haven’t gone to a service for awhile reconnect at church or get in a Bible Study group.
2. Meditate/Pray.
3. Practice Yoga.
5. Get out in Nature and appreciate the beauty and enjoy some stillness.

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You can see that I have provided you with several links in this blog that will help you pick an area or areas to work on to reach your goals. Hope it helps! Whenever we try to incorporate new habits into our life, baby steps is the best bet toward success. Start with one or two things and add on as you can. By putting yourself first, getting healthy in body, mind and spirit you will begin to radiate a new energy that will be felt not only by you, by all of those around you.

P.S. For added encouragement I wanted to share this little story with you. I hIMG_4431ad a lady that was 68 years old come and take my Beginning Yoga Workshop in February of 2015. When she came to me she was out of shape and wanting to make some positive changes to her life to better her health. She has now been with me for exactly 1 year and has committed to Yoga 3 times per week. The strength and flexibility she has gained is truly astounding and she has learned how to calm and center with her breath for any stressful situations. Look at what she has accomplished in just one year. This goes to show that you can make positive changes to your life at any age. Look at her now at 69!

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