Seven Falls and 1858 Restaurant

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Seven Falls Colorado Springs

Fun with my nieces at Seven Falls

If you are a Colorado Springs resident or visiting our area you must check out the newly re-opened Seven Falls. This beautiful spot in our great city has been a landmark, almost since its inception. Nathaniel Colby first inhabited the 160 acres surrounded by Seven Falls in 1872. Over the years it has changed hands several times, but some time after James Hull purchased it in 1882 it became a tourist attraction, where visitors were brought in by carriages pulled by burro’s and horses to view this beautiful attraction. The Broadmoor purchased the site a few years ago and shut it down for a much needed facelift.

This fall it reopened and it is truly magnificent. A site to behold for sure! Seven Falls is the only Colorado waterfall included on National Geographic’s list of international wonders. When you enter the park entrance you feel as if you’ve been transported into a magical land like a nature Disneyland or Jurassic Park. With the new update The Broadmoor spared no expense and paid attention to every detail, enhancing it in a very natural way. When weather permits there are beautiful flower boxes and planters that also add to the natural beauty of the granite stone walls and powerful waterfalls.

Hiking Seven Falls

Hiking at Seven Falls with my friend Jen K.

Since the purpose of my blog is to encourage you to better health and fitness, I write about this venue to encourage you to get out and get moving with your family or friends. This is a great place to take out of town guests to show off our local glory. When you enter the entrance of the park you have the option to shuttle up to the falls or to walk. It is around 1 mile from the park entrance to where the falls and the new restaurant are. This is a very pretty walk. It is uphill, but doable for anyone that is in decent shape. Once you reach the falls you will have a climb up a series of steps, 224 to be exact. There are platforms along the way where you can stop and rest. Have that phone or camera ready for pics throughout your visit. When you reach the top there are 2 trails you can explore to your nature hearts content. The stairs are metal and the trails at the top are not treacherous, so a good pair of athletic shoes will be fine for this hike.

If you are a little more adventurous you can enjoy the newly added adventure park. “The Broadmoor Soaring Adventure” consists of 10 zip-lines that range in distance from 300 feet to 1,800 feet as well as moderate hiking, rope bridges, and a rappel that provide stunning views of the canyon. Check out the website for more information.


1858 Restaurant

Enjoying 1858 with my SW Co. Springs Women’s Group

After your hike, spend some time at the new restaurant, 1858.  What a great job the Broadmoor did blending this structure into its natural setting. It is built with a very mountain lodge feel and is so comfortable and inviting. Their specialty, going along with a river theme is, Trout. They offer several prepartions to choose from. Again since the purpose of my blog is health, I am going to give a few suggestions from the menu that are your healthiest options. So what to eat? Well there is certainly some great options to choose from. Pick from this selection:

  1. Wild Boar Chili
  2. Roasted Tomato Tortilla Soup – This is a broth and tomato based soup. They do serve it with a little cream on top, which you could opt to leave off, and suggest your order any tortilla strip garnish on the side so that you can control the amountBroadmoor Farm Salad – Your healthiest salad dressing choice is there Herb Vinaigrette, quite flavorful, which is made with Olive Oil. It is always a good idea to order your dressing on the side so that you can control the amount.
  3. Wood Fired Grilled Vegetable Burger – This burger comes with cheese so I suggest leaving it off if you are watching calories and fat. I believe it also comes with a sauce so order that on the side or choose mustard or ketchup to enhance your burger. To keep carbs down go bunless, or just eat open faced, just the bottom bun.
  4. Roasted 1/2 Chicken – This is a nice choice healthy choice served with rice, red peas and garden veggies. I suggest you eat about half of this meal and take the other half home.
  5. Trout – Choose the “Simply Grilled” preparation. This comes with garden veggies and roasted potatoes, so just go easy on those potatoes.

You can call ahead for lunch or dinner reservations to ensure your spot. The phone number for The Broadmoor is 855-634-7711, pick the option for dining.


Tickets for hiking and for Soaring Adventure can be purchased in advance online, so you can just park and go. Otherwise you can purchase tickets at the park entrance. A day pass is $14.00/adult, $8.00/child (under 2 free). You also have the option of buying individual yearly passes or a yearly family pass. I highly recommend the yearly pass for locals, as you cannot eat at the restaurant without paying for the hike. This will give you the opportunity to have use of the restaurant year round as well as taking those out of town visitors whenever they come in. I believe the yearly individual pass is $50.00 per person. Please contact Seven Falls directly for more information on that and family pass pricing.

There is really not much parking to speak of near the park entrance. The little parking there is, is technically their for other trail hiking. You may conveniently park at the Broadmoor hotel for free and be shuttled to the site. Parking is at 1 Lake Ave., right in front of the Golden Bee Restaurant. Please check the Seven Falls website for additional information and for their hours. Their open and close time change several times throughout the year.

I hope you take some time to enjoy this amazing place. I would love for you to comment and let me know about your experience!


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